Kinomural festival projection mapping. Worclaw, Poland. -2023-

Max cooper _ Swapped, clip, -2023-

Nott , Residency at Château Ephémère. Poissy, France. -2023-

Akumandra AV Show. Visual Content creation. Brookyn, USA -2023-

Akumandra AV Show. Visual Content creation. London, USA -2023-

French Digital Touch – Exhibition, HongKong -2022-

Bideotikan – 30 sec museum exhibition, Bilbao, Spain -2022-

Eladio Carrión tour, Visual Content creation, South America -2022-

Drake Concert, OVO fest. Visual Content creation. Toronto, Canada -2022-

Alphawave Experience exhibition. Boa space, Lisboa, Portugal -2022-

36 Degrées exhibition “Au dela des pixels”. Paris, France -2022-

Akumandra AV Show. Visual Content creation. Brookyn, USA -2022-

Oribiting the Glitch. Digital exhibition.  -2021-

Nott , Residency at Château Ephémère. Poissy, France. -2021-

Kinomural Festival, projection mapping. Worclaw, Poland. -2021-

Spectrum Festival, Live visual set. Saint prex, Switzerland. -2021-

Exhibition in shibuya, curated by Neo-shibuyatv. Tokyo, japan. -2021-

Atmosphère exhibition, 36degrés, Paris, France. -2021-

Satfest21, audiovisual piece for dome Somnium at SAT Montréal, Canada -2021-

Nott , Residency at Stereolux. Nantes, France. -2021-

Exhibition Dutch Design Week. . In collaboration with Sandipan Nath and Kabk. Eindhoven, Netherlands -2021-

Exhibition with Le Boucan at Creative Code Art virtual Showcase -2020-

Visual content creation for MangoDay tv Show. Hunan, China -2020-

 Interference 53°N,42°E , La Haye, Netherlands -2020-

Content creation for the clip Levitation 21 by Tigran hamasyan -2020-

Visual for Light Of Hope mapping in Mexico city -2020-

Digital art exhibition with Artpoint agency into Pullman Hotel Tour effeil Paris -2020-

Art installation with Planckwall collective at Le Zenith Toulouse -2020-

Art installation for the event Rêverie Binaire in Paris -2020-





I am a new media artist, interactive and immersive experience designer, I have been working in the field of art and design for over a decade, and since 2017 I am going deeper into the world of new media art.
I like to explore new ways for interactivity, using various sensors and databases to create new user experiences.  I like to think of those new systems as a way for the user to connect to something universal and to question reality.

I have done a wide variety of projects, music clips, vjing, interactive and immersive installations, building mapping, branding, live data visualizations, touchdesigner workshops.

I am currently living in Toulouse, France.